Boo Boxes was born in 2020, after spending many years watching the excitement and anticipation on our daughters face when she received a parcel through the post, which for her unfortunately was not often, it usually only happened on her Birthday or at  Christmas we thought how lovely it would be for her to receive a surprise each month. In these very modern times there is something still very magical about receiving something through the letterbox, as you generally never know when things are arriving or what they are (unless you have ordered it!)  

We are a family run business and our daughter has had a lot of input with Boo Boxes in particular the product selection, this has ensured we have chosen the right items to ensure the box has a good amount of cuteness in it!

We as a family support British brands as much as we can and this was a key element for us when choosing the products for our Boo Boxes.

Our current Boo Box is for girls aged 6+, but we haven’t forgotten the boys or the adults! and are currently developing other boxes.